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[28 Aug 2006|12:04am]
hey peoples what it do? anyways i like never write in this bitch like at all its all fucked up. but anyways, speakin of bein fucked up? im justa lil bit..like 50 cent. but anyways. this summer sucked. but i just keep sayin FUCK IT. you would think id be depressed? but im not. im in the complete state of FUCK IT ALL. i keep comin to all these bumps, that are holdin me back in life. its like when that happens. i just keep smokin and shit and everything seems A WHOLE hell of a lot better. that sounds bad. but shit thats how it is...unless im like fucked up? it seems like im sad, and start thinking about how shit used to be and how i miss it. I feel as if no one understands, its fucked up. School started. which it came really fucking fast. My days atleast go extremely fast, its like im there for a min, and then leave. which is awesome cuz anyone who knows me knows that i basically just hate school. Coop rocks. and is gonna be making me a lot of money.

i got a job at cvs, i quit already though, because the man there made me really unconfortable and asked really werid questions like a fucking freak.

i went back to midstate, which was a good and a bad thing. Im making more money, and doing what i used to do when i liked working there, which is good. I love midstate, the people there are awesome and its like a family. It still has the downfalls though. It makes me think of how shit used to be. When shit was good. And people there remind me of people that i try not to think of cuz it breaks my heart each time i do.

i wish some people would just understand how hard things are. I try to forget and move on. but its to hard when your still caught up in how things used to be. But i duno, i know that things will never be how they used to be. Crying, fuckin off will never bring them back. So i guess the best thing to do is just go to school- get it over with. and work, make money so i can move out this winter. So then i can do whatever the fuck i want. even though i do now. I just need my own space. my own place were i can beat my music at all hours of the night, walk around the whole place butt ass naked if i wanted to lol.

Joe and Tab are thinkin about moving. If they move im gonna move close to them. I couldnt stand not being around my brother. He makes me laugh, and is always there for me. Only guy i know i can trust. Which is fucked up.. Today tab and i were talking on the way home about how i care to much about what joe thinks. Which i do. I dont like my brother thinkin bad shit about me, or being disapointed in me. Hes a main element that keeps me from doing shit i used to do in the past..

Ive been listening to a lot of different kind of music lately. SHIT dont get me wrong though, i SURE DO LISTEN TO DA HIPPITY HOP. but i duno ive been listen to a lot of rock lately. THAT DEEP rock shit. Seems like most of the songs express how i feel in a more compassinate way.

i was planning on goin to sleep real early tonight cuz i was soo tired, but i just cant for some fucking reason, everything i do or think about reminds me of everything. and it really sucks. Just sitting around thinkin about that person, knowing that they dont give a fuck obvously, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Whatever i guess. shit happens, and i know its gonna take time. but fuck, im ready for the time to be over and just get on. cuz damn. im tired of this broken heart feeling.

egh, school in the morning really depresses me. it feels like everytime i close my eyes i gotta wake the fuck back up. egh, i need a new bed. seriously I NEED A NEW ROOM. this room reminds me of to much shit. fucked up egh???


i went out to princeton for the homeshow on saturday. IT FELT LIKE I WAS THERE FOREVER. the carnies kept hitting on me everytime i went for a smoke break or something. nasty bastards.

egh im soo bored and about to get fucked up, and pass the fuck out.


[28 Jul 2006|05:02pm]
no joke..

but does anyone know anywhere that is hiring

[12 Apr 2006|10:47pm]
heyy..yeah okay so it probably looks like i havent wrote in this bitch in a min huh? yeah i deleted a lot of my entrys..they were to personally i guess. but anyways so is anyone else pretty sad that springbreak is almost over? i swear to god that depresses me. but shitt i just really wanna get school over with.. thenn we got tha summeaaa...anyways springbreak hasnt really been all that eventful. besides i get to see a certain somebody more.. WOOT.<3 that of course makes me happy. work has been kinda a drag..lil bit of tension..and i duno my desk is permentally in the back now. i guess its whatever right. hmm i duno it kinda depresses me and kinda puts me in a bad mood. but i duno it was my choice.. i just hate people using my shit, and my pictures hangin up and shit and its like ughh.. i dont even getta look at them half the time. id probably be furious if it wasnt for my cousin sittin in the back with me. i swear fish isnt even like my cousin..that cat is like my fuckin brother..duhhh..yeah everyone thinks i wanna sit back there so i can fuck off..whateve.. i guess. but yeah. anyhoot. me and my ugly went over to my auntie pams last night. it was pretty sweet. i love my aunt pam. plus me and my cuz talked aboutta lotta shit tonight. shes cool as fuck. i loveeee her.. and ive missed that bitch. haha, anyways i guess i really dont got much to say....eghhhhhh

<33333 c.a.s.

REALLY BORED..thanks carly [09 Feb 2006|10:59pm]

1. Slept in your bed: amanda
2. Saw you cry: my mom
3. Made you cry: my back and heart this morning
4. Went to the movies with you:amanda
5. You went to the mall with: amanda
7. You went to dinner with:amanda
9. Said 'I love you' to you and really meant it: amanda
10. Broke your heart: raymond
11. Made you laugh: justin
12. Bought you something: my mommm


1. pierce your nose or tongue? umm already got both done
2. be serious or be funny? Funny
3. drink whole or skim milk? whole
4. die in a fire or drown? drown
5. spend time with your parents or go down on someone? spend time with my parents if they are in a good mood...i hate giving head..


1. simple or complicated? I can be both
2. skinny or overweight? ask carmen parks that!
3. blonde or brunette? bruenette


1. flowers or angels? flowers
2. gray or black? black
3. Color or Black and white photos? black and white
4. lust or love? love
5. sunrise or sunset? Sunset
6. M&Ms or Skittles? skittles
7. rap or rock? UMMM RAP
8. staying up late or waking up early? STAYING UP LATE

1. do you like someone? yes
2. do they know? ummm im pretty sure

1. being hot or cold? COLD
2. sun or moon? sun
3. Winter or Fall? umm fall i hate the winter
4. left or right? right
5. having 10 acquaintances or having 2 best friends? having ONE AMAZING BEST FRIEND
6. sun or rain? SUNNN
7. vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? vanilla


What time is it? 11:03 pm
Name? kacie
WHAT DO YOU WANT? to be happy, get good grades, succeed in life, have a better relationship with my dad, move in to my own apartment with amanda
Where do you want to live? new york...
How many kids do you want? 2 girls
What kind of job do you want? homicide detective
Do you want to get married? Yeppers


1. Nervous Habits? twisting my eyebrow ring, and popping my fingers
2. Are you double jointed? uh huh my hands
3. Can you roll your tongue? i used to before i got it pierced
4. Can you raise one eyebrow? uh huh
5. Can you cross your eyes? not really.
6. Do you make your bed daily? hell no im not here enough to do so.


1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? both
2. Have you ever eaten Spam? no
3. Favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla
4. How many kinds cereal are in your cabinet? i think like 3
5. What's your favorite beverage? strawberry shakeups
6. What's your favorite restaurant? applebees
7. Do you cook? haha do i cook...lol do u want me to set ur house on fire


1. How often do you brush your teeth? 2-3
2. How do you wear your hair for the most part?MOstly up..i wake up to late to do anything else
3. Have you ever dyed/highlighted your hair? DUHH


1. Do you swear? Fuck yes
3. You cook your own food? does ramen noodles count..
4. You do your own chores? ummmmm DUH
5. You like beef jerky? UMM LOVE IT
6. You like pepsi or coke? UHHH pepsi
7. You plan on going to college? yes
8. You're happy with your hair? yeah
9. You own a dog? umm lets not go there
10. You spend your money wisely? NOOO
11. You're always making new friends? UM im very good at meeting new people
12. You like to swim? duhhh
13. Have you ever got so bored you call a friend? like ever dayy 2000 million times
14. You're patient? I HAVE NONE WHAT SO EVER
15. You like this survey? yeahh im pretty bored


In the last month have you...

1. gone to a party: yes
2. Bought something: yes
4. Sang: yeah
5. Been kissed: yuuup
8. Missed someone: every day of my life
9. Got drunk: duh
10. Gotten high: maybe
11. Danced crazy: umm every day im with amanda
12. Gotten your hair cut? yepp
13. Watched cartoons: yea with nana
14. Lied: yea


1. Wished you were the opposite sex? no
2. Snuck out of your house? nah my dad is like a guard dog..u cant really sneak out here. but i once jumped out my window.
3. Given money to a homeless person? UHH HUH... well homeless or crack head? possibly both
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[04 Feb 2006|04:16pm]
yeahhh sooo the movie when a stranger calls is pretty gay..yeah snuggles jumped a couple times?? HA! or was that me? but no the movie was gay..andi pretty much dont recommend it..but anyways. um so last night was pretty layed back.. me and rog went to the movies saw our gays who are GAY..god im seriously irrated..not to good when u have only been dating lets see less than a week?? ummm anyways..yeah im like rather bored right now..eghhh brandi and i went and got our hair cuts and i got A SWEET TOUNGE RING...mmmhmm..and some other stuff...tonight i hope i do something cool. cuz seriously im really tired of weekends being gay.umm yeah i duno i kinda wanna hang out with my brother. cuz seriously he is sooo funn to be around no joke. anyways..seriously....GRRR. umm yeah i should leave, but really there is no where to go. corey wants me to go get him something..but grrr. i really dont know where to goooo..eghh im irrated..but anyways. i guess im gonna go figure out what is going on. sooo


[31 Jan 2006|11:23pm]
umm im pretty content right now...

me and snuggles are great..and im "dating" this prettyu cool guy...and ummm lets see..i love brandiiiiiii...wooooot..seriously life=great.

anyways holla at me on the flip side oG

[26 Jan 2006|11:04pm]
YOOO...i got a car... i love it...classic most def...and umm lets see snuggles rocks..and i love arw. sweet huh?

[24 Jan 2006|12:49am]
when im in a state of depression i think..but in conclusion..
i really miss rachel and the girls... i miss how my wife used to be...i miss how snuggles used to be.. i really miss the summer..i really miss my buick..and pretty most of all i really miss MY old amanda....

shit happens i guess. and it sucks how life changes situations and people

havent wrote in here for a min [23 Jan 2006|01:38pm]
heyyy everyone..what up with cha? me not much..sitting at home..i shoulda went to school..but honestly i really didnt feel like going..and i think i got a ear infection. but yeah. so im okay though. so anyways i havent been up to much. ive been going to school (except for today), chillin with the beautiful snuggles, and hanging out with raymond every chance i get. last weekend was pretty good i guess...

friday--it was super nasty out so me and snuggles just stayed at my brothers house, and we got a bottle and watched some movies. but yeah it was pretty funny. we made a few funny phone call..teehehe..but yuuuup...i saw raymond for a lil while. i lovvvvvveee him. then my brother came home and he was crackin us up..at uhhhh 330 in the morning.

saturday--we woke up grouchy cuz my AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL NIECE was throwing a huge fit...eghh..well we went over to amandas house and made her mom cook us a huge breakfast..yummm..we showered then went over to my house to get ready! wooot!!!..we ended up going to the mall and what not, meeting up with piglet, and amanda and alaina! it was a good ol time. haha we went over to kjs house and hung out with him and sum fagot named jason. GOD i hate that dog shit smellin guy..whatta loser...but yuppp i live a pretty exciting life..all night kj was trying to molest me and lol kept telling me i was his boo and he missed me..oh and that he wants to get married..ha..riiiighhhhtt.he is slow..doesnt he know i havea wife??!?

anyways sunday was just to eventful to talk about soo i wont.. go into that.. BUTTTT peace people immmm gonna go get sum JUICE<3

[18 Jan 2006|07:46am]
so if everything just isnt fucked up..i really dont know what is...my heart is lIKE HURTING..lol...anyways i guess ill just talk about something else..like my weekend..

thursday--amanda and i went to the movies and chillleddd

friday--we went shopping, out to see my beautiful wife.., and hung out..

saturday--i hung out with emily and mizz d..HOLLER.yeah then went to hoops with my beautifull baby

sunday--i got drunk acted really pretty stupid and chilled. stayed the night with <3333 raymond

monday--recovered...went to work..
shittttt i live a good life

[08 Jan 2006|03:55pm]
so anyways this weekend was pretty cool. FRIDAY...snugglez and i chilled like party animals..yuuup we went over to the great avantis to eat ( and saw this amazingly cute guy there :)...) anyways we went there which is our like FAVORITE place to go out to eat! i looovvvvveee it. anyways then we just chilled drove around. and went to the movies..which was like a HUGE portion of our weekend! anyways we saw cheaper by the dozen 2..kinda lame..but owell..there was some like REALLY loud people in there that were pissing me off..and i almost fell asleep! anyways. afterwords, i was locked out of the house..so unfortunetly i hadda stay with ugly..jk..BLAH..but anywayyyzzzz..saturday ugly drove me home early cuz i hadda go to "work" which to be honest i didnt do SHIT!?!? haha im cool. after that. me and joe drove and went to a couple houses for work.. it was cool we talk a LOTTT..anyways. after that which took ALL day-- i came home, and got a lil toasty and amanda and i went to avantis to go talk to raymond! it was sooo funny we were like trying to flag him down from the back door..lol...then some big guy came out and was like? YALL NEED raymond so he eventually came out...after thhhhhattt..we met up with this pretty funny kid named brettttt! yeahhh we rode a city link bus cuz we are really cool like that. and then went and saw hostel..grotest? yummy....anyways. then we drooooove around. left brett and then went and picked up raymond..which was kinda gay cuz we went over to this house that smelled like feies, and it wasnt cool cuz some one min white and then black girl was hitting on raymond and amanda and i almost busted a cap. around like egh id say THREE we went over to this guy named JPs house with the AMAZING BRANDI AND ROGERBABY! and snuggles and i got TOASTED!! yeahhh saweeeet..it was pretty tiiight. and we were all dancing and shit. i tell ya my snuggler is two kinds of crazy..so amanda was like ALL kindz of drunk so we went back to jennifers and amanda passed out on the couch and raymond and i took the back room..it was cool?? hehe. anyway today im really tired cuz we didnt stop partying till 830 and i think ive never been so tired in my life!!! i just dropped raymond of a lil bit ago, and like the whole town of peoria is outside! ohhh i saw tiffany.lmao...anywhoooottt.. im pretty cold cuz i was outside playing football, but i gotta unfortuently go up to jubs sooo ILL holla at cha all tommorow or sumthing...PEACEEE..

hello 06' [01 Jan 2006|04:29pm]
yup so 2006 is here? WOOT..not really. umm atleast i brought it in correctly? yeah well not exactly at 12 did i, i was actually screaming happy new year america on the parking deck, highly intoxicated. yeah soooo last night was pretty cool. there were like 4 hotel partys at the holiday inn and i stopped at like all of em! yeah it was cool. kara and them had one on the 8th floor and my brother and his friends had one one the 7th. and there were like 138583948 on the 6th level it was scandalis.yeah i bounced back from party to party. mostly i was kicking it with my brother and his friends. until like i just was numb up in room 819...it was BOGUS though. the boys and the holiday inn kicked em outt...GEEZ..anyways. D stayed the night with me last night there. it was sweeeeeet..THATS all im gonna say XD... i hadda great new years and i seriously am dreading school coming up...whatttaaa bummerrr...NEWAYS i needa goo get showered or something me and THE AMAZING SNUGGLEZ ARE GONNA GO OUT!

[26 Dec 2005|08:47am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

yeah so right now im in a pretty BAD mood. i seriously feel like crying but wait a tick? um i dont cry over lame retarded people..yeahhh sooo neways a lot of my friends are being super fucking lame! but yeah i really dont care. i really needa start something new? asap! woot. anyways. soo christmas was pretty fun. the whole family came over and we kicked sieg style..yup thats right we were all wasted like a mother fucker. haha. anyways. its a gag though. cuz guess who anit sick? k2dac. and miss mommasita and tab who kept on pourin me shots are vomitting..ha. i laugh on that note. so yeah anyways. i really dont wanna go to work tonight. but then i just think i really need to. i needa make that money. purhaps by me a nice car or something. that would be pretty effing sweet right? yeah everyday i look out at my regal and i just wanna like go lay in her and think about the good times i had. seriously. my car was pimped the fuck out. but i just needa realize that shit happens and im sure ill get one soon. if not? i gotta my daddys whipp..holla. yeah so i really should go to bed, cuz i havent yet tonight. but nah..i really dont feel like it. me and areonia watched the players club this morning! shiit i love that movie. if u anit seen it u gotta cuz thats myyyy shittt..yeah well anyways i think im gonna go take a shower or something, and maybe my brother wants to go out for breakfast! woot..yeah but neways to all you LAME ASS retarded people who like to send me gay ass messages and like to try to ruin my christmas? HOLLA back. cuz 4 real i hate fakes and i hate wanna be hoes..SOO seriously FUCK off and getta life..



[25 Dec 2005|01:34am]
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! sooo this vacation has been good so far.. wens. i went and hung out with my rogz and went shopping and stuff.. then stayed the night with raymond over at jennifers. i love spending time with him. seriously. eghhhh i just wish things were different though yeah know?
thurs. amanda and i went shopping some more. but b4 that i went to my midstate party it was pretty tight. pizza= MY FAV! ne who then later on i went to joes to stay the night. and emily and ash came over later. it was soo like old times and I LOVED IT!!<333em stayed the night and we had a few drinks and hadda take car of stupid manager drunks! egh..then friday. i slept, woke up and went and saw the ringer with rogerz and went out to eat at the olive garden YUMMM..yeah saturday amanda and i woke up pretty early so we could go shopping for my mom! i swear we went all over town looking for her gift! but i got her some pretty sweet stuff so im happy! afterwords i came home and napped until joe tab and the girls got her. we opened up presents and i got some pretty sweet shit! score..yuup we had family x-mas dinner, and amanda came over for that and we exchanged gifts. umm later on amanda,kara, al and i all went to midnight service. but jetted out early cuz we were alll super duper fucking tired..anywho merry CHRISTMAS I LOVE YOU ALL...


[18 Dec 2005|09:43pm]
so anyways if this week hasnt been the craziest week of my life i dont know when it has. anyways. as you all know thursday i got in a horrid car crash. yeah my totally pimped out car that i fucking loved is completely totalled due to my ass braking on ice..yeahhhh now i have a phobia of driving and white vans. but yeah the good thing is im just bruised up. and didnt get completly hurt. but yeah...friday i went to stone and it was amazing. i had a great time. everyone was out there and it just rockked.....but anyways my wife was there so i loved it. saturday i went out with my snugglez and went to work earlier that day. everyone at work. just kept hugging me becuz they were so happy i was alright. i LOVE the people i work with. seriously. expecially my derrick!! hes suchha sweeettie...yeah later on that night i went and got drunk with my manager. completely drunk played to mannyy drinking games! anywho. today was pretty BLAH hung over day. but amanda and i went to my christmas party with the family. it was okay i guess. i was sooo tired though!!! haha..best part of all was the fried chicken..mmmmmm finger lickin...anyways. then i just came home and went to sleep i was soo tired i slept for 4 hours. now im gonna be up all night and be tired tommorow so i probably wont even feel like going to school. haha. whats new though. but yup thats pretty much my life. no car... atleast my dad is talking about another car he wants to buy me. score? yuuuppp. uhhh huh...but yeah..today is pretty much my day becuz there is a law and order svu marathon on soo SHAWING. but im outtt..

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[14 Dec 2005|09:31pm]
so yeah i havent been to school since last friday. i seriously cant help to miss a lot. :( i really do needa gett my ass back on track but damn. i get sooo bored so easily and school just is a biggggg boredum fest. anyways UM I AM realllly borrrredddd...

ill shoot u, if u shoot me first

[12 Dec 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | okay ]

so i woke up this morning and it was like 5 something...and i realized i hadda gett up so i could go serve detention with mr.blessmen..then i loooked outside and realized it was really fucking cold. and there was no way i was getting ready this early in the morning so i lied my happy ass back down. ha. anyways this weekend went sooo fast.
friday-amanda and i went shopping and out to eat at pizza hut. then i got locked outta my house so i stayed the night there.

saturday- i went to work, then i went out with my manager brandi shooping and out to eat.. it was a blast..seriously it was a gag..i love brandi!!! then later on emily came over to my brothers. and we pretty much chilled over there. it was PRETty sweet. also i went and seen devere to. me,him,emily,and reese went out to daves and then went back to his house...

sunday-came home early. and got ready. followed by sleeping all day. then gettin up. eating sunday family dinner. then alaina and i went and hung out with reese and devere over at there crib. it was pretty sweetttttt...ill amit..i had an AWESOME time.. Devere is soooo SEXYYYY

alrrighhttt nappp time...

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half way drunken...half way dead... [05 Dec 2005|01:27am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

so this weekend was okay i guess..friday consisted of me and amanda going to stone, and then renting a few movies, not watching them. and then i stayed the night...stone was stone...i guess..
saturday-i stayed at joes. and i got extremly drunk. i figured out how a lot of people think of me. and i really dont care. but still hurtful comments from someone you despise doesnt really burn the skin...but when someone you really care about and consider a pretty well known assiocate..it kinda sticks..like burnt wax on your figure you know when your playin with a candle? it burns for a min. and then you eventually get annoyed with it being on your hand so u pull it off??....purhaps i should just pull of the waxy friends...

note..im inTOXICATED..

anyways. ya. so amandas mad at me i think.
im really drunk. and i comprehend now that a 17 years old's best friend will always be the alcohol...

welp. time to pass out. later.

p.s. dont drink and drive.

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[02 Dec 2005|12:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

YUP SO I havent went to school in a really long time (monday) and im not quite sure of when i can return..my game plan was to go back today..considering its friday and if i dont go to school i cant do stuff during the night? welp..my mom told me my teachers are being gay and said that i had to have all of my work done by lets see today when i got it yesterday..so i should just "rest" today...to give it to you straight...im TIRED OF RESTING..all i have done in the last few days is rest and talk on the phone..but besides that blessman wont let me come back until i get the rash on my arm figured out. my mom called and told them im going to the doctor today to get this aweful rash figured out..well i have to get a doctor note to return..how gay...hopefully my doctor who scares me will be like egh... kacie you can never go back...the school said they will just mail you ur diapolma..i cant even spell diapola..purhaps i should go to school. anyways. last night was pretty cool though cuz my rogerbaby got to stay the night. ohhh and a couple days ago i got to see raymond. egh that was one hell of a night. actually it was two nights in a row! me and em went over to scotts last sunday and hung out with him. and i just pretty much cried in his arms. and we just did fun stuff the rest of the time. monday night, i drove around with him and he rubbed my belly cuz it hurt soooo bad.. yeah and the rest of the week i had the flu and menstural....yuppp i PRETTY MUCH love my life....

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happy thanksgiving sluts [24 Nov 2005|11:47am]
yup so last night was pretty much fun!! i went out with the snuggles and that brett fellow....haha. ive really missed that fag.. first we camed to the crib and chilled, then went over to maid right and ate some pretty dank food. followed by going over to burlington coat factory..which i got some pretty tight shoes and a new baby phat purse...i also pretty much fell in LOVE with this baby phat coat, in which im gonna make that mommasita character buy for me tommorow! woooooot.. anyways. after that we just drove around like we used to do in the olden days. we went over to bartonville and looked at scary shit, saw that ulgy alaina chick at mcdonalds..and then i think we just pretty much came back here. it was cool..until brett was being to loud. hahahhah...i was laughing soo hard..i brett much think brett is on drugs. after we dropped brett off to get his car amanda and i went over to the lex and hung out with piglet..that was pretty much sooo boring as i sat there looking at my phone while amanda ingored me..it was pretty sweet. X( hmmmm... i came home super early though and just watched some tv and cleaned my room so my dad wouldnt bitch today..surprise he still is..seriously he is soo gay! the only thing good about today is that the girls are coming over and my aunt pam...whom i loveeEE!!! plus deep fried turkey!! woooooooot anywho be careful kids...im outttt

p.s. you like vagina sufficate?

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